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Jeremy Utley

Not to worry about it - I'll bring along the J-Pole antenna I use when the wife and I go camping, and stick it on top of my mast.  That, plus 50W of output power should get me into both Walnut and Pitt just fine - I can actually hit that with a handheld, on the duck, inside my house - and I'm like almost 40 miles away.  I'll have 4 fully-charged 17Ah batteries for the weekend, plus probably bring along a 20A Astron as well just in case I need it.  Also, I got it approved to take a vacation day from work that Friday, so I'll probably roll in there at around 3pm.  Did someone reserve K0B again this year, or use the club call?  Any contributions needed for buying QSL cards to send out?

Jeremy, N9PH

On 8/20/2013 7:13 PM, WA0ITP wrote:

Not sure about Walnut, but Arnie was able to hit the Pittsburg machine last year
with an HT. I dont remember if it was with the rubber duck or if he had to use
a gain ant. Maybe he'll jump in and tell us.

Real radios weigh less than a pound.
I love this radio stuff !

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|I think you should be able to hit the Walnut repeater from Brutus. The
| repeater is up on top of a nice tall microwave tower on top of a hill,
| and has pretty good range. I was thinking of taking a 2m radio but
| don't think I'd have time to build a VHF antenna to take along. So I'll
| leave the 2m activity to you.
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