Re: K3Y QRP Challenge Winners!

Joe Bento

On 2/24/2013 10:45 AM, Jim Sheldon wrote:
Check out our "Never ending Worked All Pigs" contest and the monthly "Run For The Bacon" CW sprint too. Lots of fun and good CW practice to boot.

BTW, you'll love that "Pig Rig" too. Get on 7030.7 and oink out an OO instead of a CQ - never know how many piggies will "oink" back at you.

Jim - W0EB
Membership Chairman
Pig Rig #143 is on its way to my QTH. I really need to get a 40m dipole up now! :-)

Joe, N6DGY
FP #3097 (Just received. Thanks, Jim!)

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