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Chuck Carpenter

Things have gotten much better (?) since yesterday morning.  Some of the features and functions that owners use weren't there or didn't work. They all do now.

Conversations is the term GMail uses for messages,  It's different but it works.

Check out the options in the menu bars and banners along the top banners under the picture.  That's also where the message shows up when there are requests for approval to join.

Group owners and moderators can change the picture.  Mouse over the picture of hats and a box shows up on the right side to let you do that.

Check the picture I added to the QRPme kits  Also the QRP-Tech group and the HFPack group.

Everything seems to be there now just in different places and you need to fish around with the menus and options.

At 08:44 PM 9/4/2013, WA0ITP wrote:

Yeah it's a mess.  Click on the "Conversations" for the messages.  Makes no sense to me either.
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Can anyone help me. I cant get on the 4sqrp forum website. All i get is a picture of some straw hats and i cant scroll down to find anything. It happens with other yahoo groups also. It just started lately. I have an Android Iphone and no computer anymore. Its a real pain.
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