Yahoo Groups Changes


As we're all aware Yahoo has made some "less than well thought out" changes to their groups recently. Many of the problems created by the changes are subsiding but some still remain. I have also noticed that mail delivery on several of the groups to which I subscribe is hit and miss. The past 24 hours in particular I seem to miss messages here and there for no apparent reason. (On the groups I help moderate I am subscribed with two different addresses in case one gets locked out.)

Gary and I are watching the list operation as usual. In this instance there was no warning that Yahoo was going to make these changes and we have little we can do other than hang on and hope it gets fixed quickly.

I would ask that for the time being we do our best to stick to the business of QRP and all this fun radio stuff. Discussing Yahoo's troubles isn't any fun and after all FUN IS WHAT WE'RE ALL ABOUT!!!


for the 4SQRP Moderators

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