On shack maintenance

Wayne Dillon

Good morning all,
Well this weekend I got to do some long overdue maintenance in the shack. The ASTU was acting up, tuning was a little hesitant and the positions had changed from what they normally are so I figured I'd better knuckle down and have a look see.
First off I checked all the patch leads, almost always suspect when things are not what they are supposed to be . They checked out but when I checked the link on the back of the ASTU (it's an MFJ 949) the one that puts the BalUn in play for balanced wire feeders I discovered my "hesitant" connection. Origionally I had placed a "temporary" link there pending a "proper" one made from crimp terminals. Well the "temporary" one was intermittent. I made up a permanent link  and all is now fine, ASTU settings are where they should be and it tunes 160 again. Many of you know that I run a 176 ft doublet at around 40' fed with 300R ribbon. the way the link was performing i had effectively one side of the feeder and one half of the doublet acting as my antenna. Oh well, we live and learn. Secondly, I decided to check the output to make sure that I was in fact actually putting out 5 watts. I set up the power out using the meter in the ASTU (switched to Dummy Load) at 5 watts. Then, out with the QrpOmeter... hmmm. I was only putting a little less than a watt into the antenna! OK, set the output for 5 watts, just for grins I checked it against an OHR WM2 - same reading - and reconnected the MFJ. Boy oh boy was it off, I mean WAY OFF. So, this weeks net will be conducted with a "Full Gallon (QRP)", and an antenna properly connected. Just goes to show what shows up when you get complacent about stuff.
See y'all o Wednesday evening,
72/3 es God Bless de Wayne - KC0PMH

P.S. Anyone know how to do the meter alignment on the MFJ??

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