Re: slow email

Phil Anderson

I just figured it out! W0XI here.

The government agent receives the first email and turns to his instructional book:

if 1 then proceed to page x,
if 2 then proceed to page y,
if 3 then come back in 30 minutes
if you can't read, then pass it to your neighbor,
if 5 and not 1 or 2 then proceed to step 23 in volume 111
hit 7 to dial the operator............
if none of the above works go to the FYI pages.

Sound familiar when calling any governmental agency or large business?

We're a sucker born on every call ! !@#$

Unc Phil, W0XI

Roy Crosier wrote:

Probably the reason for massive slow email service is simply the
amount of time it takes the
government to sort through it all and make their copies of it!

Roy  AC9DN

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