Re: Stange text in rtf (html) messages



My email seems just fine. I am using Chrome browser and I assume the mail service that comes with it. I do use "gmail" on my laptop to keep that email sort of separate from the email I get on this machine. Both machines are Macs which might also make a difference.

I do belong to a "bunch" of yahoo groups but since my recent operation find that I spend much less time at the computer so I couldn't make a reliable evaluation of home messages show up on any but this one.

Hope you find your problem, it's small problems like this one that make these computers a pain in the neck.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Brutus.

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS
4Sqrp = #72, FP= #11, ARS=#568, SKCC=1139, NAQCC=#588 FIST=#5819, Zombie=#500, Geritol=#1000(from back when I actually had a mic connected to my rig:-)

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