Re: Another $S-QRP station is born


Congratulations Jim, well done.

Early NS-40s' developed quite a bit of power, some even up to 12 Watts!!
However in a high swr situation they won't live long at that level. They'll get
real hot - real fast. Are you running all three kits from a 13.8 volt supply?
If so I'd advise reducing that to 12 volts, If not then reduce the voltage to
the NS-40. Maybe a dropping resistor of about 5 ohms and a 3-5 W rating between
it and the power supply. Dave may jump in here also, he's the authority.

The NS-40 will work across the entire 40M CW Band. A number of them have been
used at 7122.

Good luck and enjoy the Four State Trio on the air.

I love this radio stuff !

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| Finished up the NS-40 today. This was the last of the 3 kits I was building,
including the SS-40 and Magic Box. The easiest was saved for last, but wouldn't
you know, it gave me the most trouble! The other 2 kits went together with no
problem, and I reported earlier just how sensitive and stable the receiver is.
| I have some questions about the transmitter.
| 1) I get 9 watts out. Is this normal? I was expecting a
| little lower. Don't want to have a short lived P.A.
| 2) I would like to build another NS-40, but for 7.040.
| Will the board inductors support this frequency? There is nothing
| to peak or align so I was wondering how critical the
| circuit is.
| Need to build a couple more cables and we should be on the air.
| Jim - KG0PP
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