Re: Another $S-QRP station is born

Johnny AC0BQ

Ga Jim 
Congrats on your new projects.
Please post some pics do we can see you progress. Get them cabled up spot your self on qrp spots and we will see if we work you!
Good luck, good building 
Johnny AC0BQ

On Wednesday, February 27, 2013, jimford80041 wrote:

Finished up the NS-40 today. This was the last of the 3 kits I was building, including the SS-40 and Magic Box. The easiest was saved for last, but wouldn't you know, it gave me the most trouble! The other 2 kits went together with no problem, and I reported earlier just how sensitive and stable the receiver is.

I have some questions about the transmitter.

1) I get 9 watts out. Is this normal? I was expecting a
little lower. Don't want to have a short lived P.A.

2) I would like to build another NS-40, but for 7.040.
Will the board inductors support this frequency? There is nothing
to peak or align so I was wondering how critical the
circuit is.

Need to build a couple more cables and we should be on the air.

Jim - KG0PP

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