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At home it's a 111' wahr end fed with ladder line for 80, 40, and the WARC bands, the far end is about 70 feet up in a neighbor's tree.
For the first 4x4 last year I operated off the deck at my daughter's house near Iowa City.  The ant was an 84 foor wahr tied to the railing and the far end was about 50' up the the only tree on the block 
Nothing fancy for sure, and maximizes the fun to money ratio.  Come to think of it, that's one of the things that's so satisfying about QRP.
GL to all on Saturday.

Real radios weigh less than a pound.
I love this radio stuff !
72   WA0ITP

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Congrats Terry,

You need to clue us in on that resonant antenna you are using!  J

72 – Ron – AG1P


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Congrats Terry 




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Well Done Terry!! Congrats' and looking forward to working WQ5RP Saturday.





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From what I have in email reports, here are the standings:


Randy KB4QQJ 14

Bruce AA5CO  12 ...Cyclone40 QSOs

Dave  W0CH 8

Terry WA0ITP 29

Phil  W0XI 22

Dave  AB9CA 20

Bill  KV6Z  13

Chuck  KA8HDE  3

Walter K5EST 11

Johnny AC0BQ 18

Steve  WB0QQT 11

Tim N9PUZ  2

Paul N0NBD 13

Scotty  NU0S 4

James KV3Z/was WA3ZOF   3

Joel  KB5FCF  22

Charles  W2SH  1


So the top station to use WQ5RP for the

4x4 QRP Sprint, is...... Terry - WA0ITP....congrats Sir!!!


Our callsign trustee, Bart - W0IIT, would you please

log Terry - WA0ITP using the group callsign on this

coming Saturday. 


If there should be incorrect totals above, please let me

know. I sure could have messed up!


All the station reports have been CW, with no SSB or digital.


Don't forget to use your Cyclone40 if possible, and Terry is

stepping up with his prize.


Also the now famous 4x4 QRP Sprint is October 5th, 2013

which is a Saturday afternoon!


Please watch the 4sqrp reflector for any updates. We may

not have time to get everything uploaded to the website. 


Thanks to all that make 4SQRP on-the-air events a success!


72....Walter - K5EST


Sprint Rules:

....4 State 4x4 QRP Sprint....


Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013 (1700 to 2100 UTC)

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m

Stations are asked to call: CQ 4s de ______.

A simple exchange:

4sqrp members send: RST, SPC, 4x4

non 4sqrp stations send: RST, SPC, power

(working a station not in the QRP Sprint

requires you to get the station's RST, SPC,

and their power for your log)

(SPC = State/Province/Country)

Sprint rules:

1)Maximum power is 5 watts.

2)each contact is 4 points.

3)each 4sqrp contact = (4x4) = 16 points

4)turn in your best 4 bands of contacts - 1 contact

with a station per band.(a station may be worked

only once per band, the mode is your choice)

5)field stations add 444 bonus points to your total.

6)frequencies: on or about the normal QRP

frequencies for each band and mode, WARC bands are

not to be used for this Sprint.

7)Only 1 transmitter per callsign at a time, no multiple

operators using the same callsign.

8)A Cyclone-40 transceiver contact is 444 points per

QSO for each station. Cyclone-40 station must disclose

the use of the transceiver to allow stations a

chance at the bonus points. Cyclone-40 CONTACTS DO NOT


of QRP using a 4SQRP kit.

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