Re: Another $S-QRP station is born


Slightly off this topic but-
Those "carriers" that you hear just slightly north of 7.040 are WSPR stations, they transmit for 1:55 minutes on the even minute  and then receive for X multiples of 2 minutes.  It's too bad they had to settle that close to 7.040, which is why I have gone back to 7.030.  Nothing against WSPR though, I really get into it every now and then, I'm constantly amazed that 100mw can make it into Europe and South America.  I think the WSPR community should move in my opinion further up the band.

pigrig 46

--- In 4sqrp@..., Nick-WA5BDU wrote:
> I hear that a lot too. Usually not S9 here, so you must be much
> closer. I think it's a digital signal, not a carrier. But it sure
> picked an unfortunate spot to park full time.
> OK, there it is. About S4 right now in Russellville, AR.
> 73,
> Nick, WA5BDU
> On 2/27/2013 6:08 PM, Dg Arnholt wrote:
> > the only problem i see is 7040 always has this s9 carrier even in day
> > time with me.. or if it stops it begins or someone keeps tuning
> > undecided whats up with that.. parts of the day i can use it.. used to
> > use it all the time 30 years ago.
> >

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