4x4 from Orlando

Kelly E

Nice day to be outside here in Orlando. Sunny, some clouds and 84 with a breeze and low humidity (for FL anyhow). Bands were not great but had moments of decent conditions. 40m was a ghost town here so I stayed on 20m all day. Got a late start so started with an EFHW but noise was bad and sigs were in the noise. So pulled out my jumper dipole and hauled it up about 33 ft with ends to crappie poles at 17 feet inverted vee style. Still had high noise which is probably result of Tropical Depression Karen and the storm up in the heartland that kept some of you off the air. Just a constant level of static that made listening for long periods tedious.

Only managed 9 contacts--7 4x4 but had fun with all, including a 20 min ragchew with a KY station who asked me what 4S was about. Nice fist and he is a QRP guy so pointed him to the website. His MFJ at 4 watts sounded fine in FL.

Strong sig of the day was Randy WB4QQJ who had to be running about 10KW. His signal was so strong that my AGC would lock up and I'd have to wait a few seconds every time I swept across his signal. I thought he said he'd be mobile for the event? QRP my foot.... :-) hi hi. KV6Z almost the same at times but lots of QSB from the OK stations today. Weakest sig of the day was another Orlando station... K2WO about 6.7 miles as the crow flies. Who'd a thunk it?

Nice to be out by the lake on a fall day. Thanks for the effort to make this happen and hope to get back up to Ozarkcon soon.

Kelly K4UPG

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