Re: 4x4 Sprint

Phil Anderson

Hey Terry and Johnny. You both beat me. I had ten member contacts,
over one hours time, some of 20m but most at 7122.

Who was it.....Mr Smart? Terry, "You beat me by this much.." hi...

unc Phil

Johnny Matlock wrote:


Well not sure how many points i have, 12 contacts 4 on 20 M the rest
on 40.
I think all but one were 4s members.
Thanks for the fun!
Johnny AC0BQ

On Saturday, October 5, 2013, WA0ITP wrote:


    Pretty slim pickens here in Radar's home town. I operated mosty on
    40 and it
    was in pretty good shape, just not many takers. I made only 11
    contacts for a
    total of 176 points.

    -------------------------- --------
    Real radios weigh less than a pound.
    I love this radio stuff !
    72 WA0ITP

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