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Jim Kortge

On 10/6/2013 7:18 PM, Stephen W. Szabo wrote:
GE All!

About a year ago..I built an SS-40 Receiver, NS-40 transmitter,
MagicBox....all were assembled and tested, but never put on the
air...previously I built an EZKeyer - also tested but never used...

My QRPmeter has been used numerous times!!!

Every time I started to think about using them, I forgot, got interrupted,
or has some other "item" grab my attention. Sooooo...finally, today I
decided to string 'em together and see if I could make a QSO....and brother,
I did!!

This afternoon, around 2137Z, I called CQ on 7.140 MHz and immediately, a
big, booming W4MY returned to my call! He gave me a 579 (he was 599 plus!)
and a "solid" signal report. According to my QRPmeter, using a 12VDC
battery, the NS-40 was putting out 5.8W to a 1.2:1 SWR on a wire loop
antenna. Boy oh boy, was I a happy ham! Thanks Marty, W4MY!

All of the items worked now to fine the time to put them
into an enclosure as a "transceiver". Works so well, I'm just gonna' hafta'
take 'em out in the field!!!

Next Cyclone 40, I hope on the air very soon !!!!

I uploaded photos of my "messy rig" at the operating position, the power
out, and a copy of the "special" QSL card I send out on these auspicious
occasions!! (at least when there is not sparks, smoke, or deathly silence
emanating from the radio stuff!)

72 to all....

Steve Szabo WB4OMM


ARRL Life Member, DXCC/WAS/VUCC Card Checker, Official Observer

EmComm Mentor, Volunteer Examiner & License Instructor

QCWA Life Member : 4SQRP #150 : OMISS #6900 : 10-10# 42514 : NAQCC #5913 :
SKCC# 8793 : FPQRP #3091

Sounds like a happy customer to me! :-) Thanks for the feedback Steve; great to hear that the kits that I designed worked so well.


Jim, K8IQY
SS-40 and MagicBox designer

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