QRPometer mod

Tom Sevart

I just recently built my QRPometer bought at Ozarkcon (shows how slow I am to get around to building things) and put it together in a couple of nights. Nice little kit but the thing I didn't like was having the solder contacts on the bottom board exposed. The connections across the battery terminals are also exposed, so if you accidentally lay your QRPometer across a screwdriver or some other metal tool, you run the risk of shorting it out. Plus I don't like the idea of getting all that lead solder on my hands while using or carrying the QRPometer.

So I bought a cheap, thin black plastic folder at Wally World to match the black PC board, set the QRPometer on top of it, and then cut out a piece with a box cutter to fit the back of the meter. I then cut four tiny X's for the screws, then put the thin piece of plastic on the back and secured it with the four nuts. I then attached the four rubber feet that came with the kit to the plastic. Now I don't have to worry about laying my QRPometer on something metal and shorting anything out or having to wash the lead off my hands after using it.

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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