Re: WTB need t-50-2 etc

John Lonigro

I might have them, but won't be able to look until tomorrow. Also, don't forget  Diz likely has them, and at decent prices too. 

John AA0VE

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I think you can still order them from Amidon Associates; look em up on the web.

I know I have some T-50-2s in a drawer but out of town right now in Oklahoma, nice

day here, helping put in a winter garden at grandkids. They are putting a

cover on the beds that is removable during the day if sun gets too hot. Should

hold the garden through most if not all of the winder this far south on some stuff. Garden QRP!


If  you can't find any ferrites by next Tuesday email me, I'll be back in Lawrence, and can see

what I have in my drawers.....pretty sure I have some of both....and a lot of other



72, Unc Phil, W0XI




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Subject: [4sqrp] WTB


I need
2ea T50-2 toroids
4ea T37-2 toroids
Anyone have some spares that will be willing to sell

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