Re: 4x4 Sprint Results

Kelly E

Not a huge deal, but I did not see my score listed. Think I followed the instructions, sent the file to 4x4@... at 8.52PM EDT on 10/5.  I can resend if you cannot locate it. Sent comments to the list a few minutes later and saw the post had made it too.

My score was 564 as being portable helped a ton.

It was not the best of condx wx and band wise for lots of you. Hope it is better next time.

Kelly K4UPG
Orlando, FL

On 10/12/2013 10:51 PM, Walter - K5EST wrote:
Pretty slim pickings this last 4x4 event with storms and rain in the mid-west.

At any rate, thank you to the stations that could get to be on
the 4x4 Sprint.

Stations listed in order of points:

TOP STATION = Randy KB4QQJ = 604 pts

Dave NE5DL  = 596 pts

Terry WA0ITP = 176

Bill KV6Z   =  176

Dave W0CH  =  80

Paul  N0NBD = 16

Some folks had trouble with an Apple computer and the
reporting form. We may need to change the reporting form.

Thank you again to the stations that support the on-the-air
events of 4SQRP.

72....Walter - K5EST

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