New EZ Keyer Kit

Jim Sheldon

Got my order in first and much to my surprise, the Post Office delivered today!  Packages only, but they were delivering them.  Opened the box at 4:00 p.m and had the kit completed by 4:45.  No battery pack yet, so not tested, but all the soldering and mechanicals are done.  Took just 45 minutes from start to finish and would have been shorter but one of the little screws had buggered up threads.  I had to dig one out of my storage box, but that wasn't a big problem.  
Found at least one instruction missing in the on-line assembly manual.  Didn't find anywhere a step to install the .1ufd capacitor, C1.  An inexperienced or first time kit builder might miss this.  
Also Q1 and Q2, the two MOSFET transistors are labeled U2 and U3 on the board's silkscreen.  Since the U designation is for IC's and the Q designator for transistors this might confuse some new(er) kit builders.
None of the errata found is earth-shattering, but you guys might want to be prepared to field lots of questions.
Jim Sheldon W0EB
EZ-Keyer II number one

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