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Jim Sheldon

A simple errata sheet should take care of it.  You might also mention that the washers on the push buttons should go on the underside of the top cover with the nuts on top.  Having the washers on the underside of the cover works great to keep the spacing right so no strain is put on the 3 jacks once things are tightened down.  
I've done some tech writing in my day and wrote a whole bunch of lesson plans when I taught electronics in the Army back in the 60's, 70's and early 80's so I know how you can have a whole bunch of proof readers check things, but until someone actually uses the instructions to build the device, you won't catch all the errors and maybe not even then, LOL.
Seriously, those were the only errors I could find and I absolutely love the way the case looks made out of the PC board.  That is one fine idea and not difficult to put together at all as long as you pay attention to the directions.
I never do unless I run into trouble, and I just use my miter saw's table as a jig and press the bottom and a long side tight to the 90 degree wall & base.  It's easy to tack solder the two pieces, swap sides and do the second side the same way.  Once the two sides are on the base, the end pieces get done the same way and it all winds up square, no tape needed.  The tape/rubber band method is probably the best for those who don't have the tools I do though.  No matter how you do it, get it square and it really looks professional.
Jim Sheldon - W0EB

> Thanks Jim for the corrections!
> We all read the new assembly and must have missed these details!
> Please mark urs with ser Nr 1, hi hi! 72 Johnny ac0bq
> On Monday, October 14, 2013, Jim Sheldon  wrote:
>> Got my order in first and much to my surprise, the Post Office
>> delivered today!  Packages only, but they were delivering them.  
>> Opened the box at 4:00 p.m and had the kit completed by 4:45.  No
>> battery pack yet, so not tested, but all the soldering and
>> mechanicals are done.  Took just 45 minutes from start to finish
>> and would have been shorter but one of the little screws had
>> buggered up threads.  I had to dig one out of my storage box, but
>> that wasn't a big problem.  
> Found at least one instruction missing in the on-line assembly
> manual.  Didn't find anywhere a step to install the .1ufd
> capacitor, C1.  An inexperienced or first time kit builder might
> miss this.  
> Also Q1 and Q2, the two MOSFET transistors are labeled U2 and U3 on
> the board's silkscreen.  Since the U designation is for IC's and
> the Q designator for transistors this might confuse some new(er)
> kit builders.
> None of the errata found is earth-shattering, but you guys might
> want to be prepared to field lots of questions.
> Jim Sheldon W0EB
> EZ-Keyer II number one

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