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Kelly, Randy, and all:
This is my fault, I made up the Second Sunday Sprint note that Dave uploaded to the web site, and thought that it would be good to have a descriptive email address for it, as we do for the 4x4 sprint. 
I suggest that everyone send their scores directly to Walter at spike55@... 
I apoligize for the inconvenience and frustration.
Real radios weigh less than a pound.
I love this radio stuff !
72   WA0ITP

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I've now sent 4 emails about my 4x4 score not being included in the list. I sent the original email per instructions to this email address from my kmacker@... address on 10/5/2013 at 8:22 PM EDT a few minutes later I sent my comments to the Yahoo Group. But my score was not in the list that was posted to the group later. I've sent 3 more emails and do not seem to be getting through to anyone. I screenshot of the original email I sent is included so you can see it was sent, there was no error or bounce message received. I am a sys admin on a 4000 user secure email system for missionaries that covers the globe. I am used to email issues but this one traces thru without problems via the test tools that I have available to check routing and delivery. Perhaps the new format is causing email to be put in the new tabs which are easy to overlook.

I'm a contest point giver so not a big deal to not be listed, but as a computer geek, there is a problem with the system if email and spreadsheets do not work or arrive at the destination.

Using my third email to see if it gets thru to anyone and copying Terry on this so it is not lost in the ether as my 2watt sig often is. Is anyone out there?  

You may know me by my K4UPG  callsign and member #117 -- this is one of  my ministry emails... :-)

in HIM,
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