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Wayne Dillon

Hi David and the group.
Just curious, why not tie all the grounds together? am I missing something here? With my "multi switching" box all the grounds are tied together and I've had no problems...
God Bless all de Wayne - KC0PMH

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 4:15 AM, David Martin <davemrtn@...> wrote:

I agree, you should not tie all the grounds together, it can cause problems... been there done that.

You can get a 3 pole rotary switch from Jameco and that will allow you to switch 3 circuits.  You'd want to do this if you are using an iambic key.

You will need to mount any jacks used on a non-metalic surface to keep the ground circuits isolated from each other.

On 10/14/2013 10:57 PM, Todd F. Carney / K7TFC wrote:

I'm with WB9DLC. A rotary switch is the way to go. Use one pole for the signal and one for each ground. That is, don't use a common ground. Run a separate ground from each radio.

Also, I'd be inclined to use a "break-before- make" rotary rather than a "make- before-break" variety.



On Oct 14, 2013 8:46 PM, "WB9DLC - Mike Barrell" <wb9dlc@...> wrote:

Radio Shack has a 2 pole 6 pos. Switch Model: 275-1386.

Can't imagine making it any more complicated.

Mike - WB9DLC


On Oct 14, 2013 11:40 PM, "n0jrn" <n0jrn@...> wrote:

Thanks Nate:

BUT, I have all the isolation I need inside the electronic
keyer. I just want to switch it's output to multiple rigs
and not sure if I need anything to protect from RF etc.

I'm looking into this for a friend and he wants to use his
keyer on 4 seperate rigs without plugging and unplugging.

I don't see much of a problem with just switching the output
of the keyer.

Just curious if I need to protect the circuit in some fashion.

73 Jerry

----- "Nate Bargmann" <n0nb@...> wrote:

> * On 2013 14 Oct 21:26 -0500, n0jrn wrote:
> > Gang:
> >
> > IF you have an electronic keyer and you want to use
> > it with multiple rigs without plugging and unplugging
> > all the time, what circuit would you use to switch
> > between rigs.
> >
> > Electronic keyer would go to the switch and switch
> > to multiple outputs.
> >
> > Doesn't seem like it would take much more than the
> > switch but would you use diodes on the outputs,
> > capacitors on the grounds ??
> Seems like the ideal application for optocouplers. Bias one for
> positive keying and the other for negative keying (TS-520, TS-830,
> etc.). Use as many as needed for multiple rig outputs. Isolation
> between rigs and between the tigs and keyer.
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