Re: Regenerative receiver thoughts


I'll raise my hand now that we're heading back into the cold time of the
year. I'm more of a kit builder than a parts scrounger so I lean that
way when possible. I built the Hendricks Scout regen kit and while it
was a nice first time experience for someone who had never played with a
regen before, it is better suited to general listening than as a serious
amateur band receiver, but I knew that going in.

What would really tickle my fancy would be something more serious for
our use on 80 and 40m CW with an adequate bandspread. Last year I found
The Radio Board forums:

which is an interesting read and a source of inspiration. I think it
would be cool to have a regen with a PLL LO with a digital readout. And
I'd like a tube regen designed for amateur use just for SKN, etc.

72, de Nate >>


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