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GM Guys,  This might be a good receiver for your build.   Dave has a regen design that was published in Oct 95 73 Magazine, and FAR has a board for it.  See info below, and the 73 article here. 

73's Oct95

Customer Comment: I built the Armstrong Update regenerative receiver from Dave Cripe's article. As promised, the 1496 detector produced uncommonly smooth regeneration control and his use of a 324 op amp as both an audio filter and a push-pull gives adequate, clean audio. Like other regenerative circuits, this one is sensitive to its surroundings and benefits from good shielding and layout after the board is working. The Far Circuits board worked the first time but care should be used to avoid control wires crossing each other as they leave it.

GL and have fun.
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I love this radio stuff !
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I have read a bunch about the WBR receiver and I like the looks of the Desert Rat that NA5N did. I think regens were and probably still are a 3 handed radio to operate.... 
There are several designs out there...
de Paul N0NBD

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Sounds interesting to me Paul.

Anyone one else in the group interested?
Johnny AC0BQ

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Is there anyone out there beside me that would like to build a regen receiver ? I know there are a couple kits available. I built the ten tec kit with some success. I am NO good at manhattan work but would like to do a regen kit with a couple bands. Is there any interest or is it me and a couple other guys.
What say you?

de Paul N0NBD

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   It would be a fun amount of learning for me. Nothing too official--to help keep the cost down. I just came across one project that covers the freq. range of 3.5Mhz, to 12Mhz. It uses a "Far Circuits"   
   board. What kit(s) did you have in mind? I wonder what limitations have been over come with time and practice.  shawnr kf7yff

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