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I would also be interested in a regenerative radio, specially if it's a ham band edition with good band spread controls and an isolation stage to keep from radiating RF. Bipolar or FET transistors would be fine even tubes but that would make it not very portable. My main interest would be a radio stable and good enough to use in making contacts.

The WBR Regen Receiver by N1BYT seems like a decent radio, and it would not be too hard to limit it's tuning range to the 40M or 80M band.
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Last year I purchased the Hendricks Scout Regen. recvr. and like it very much.
Dual band 3.5 to 10 mhz. through hole soldering and very simple to construct.
Plays well for s regen circuit. Dick N0TGR

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Paul and the gang - Put my nae on your list.
Bruce - KK0S

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Is there anyone out there beside me that would like to build a regen receiver ? I know there are a couple kits available. I built the ten tec kit with some success. I am NO good at manhattan work but would like to do a regen kit with a couple bands. Is there any interest or is it me and a couple other guys.
What say you?

de Paul N0NBD

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