Re: Regenerative receiver thoughts

Kelly E

I would like to be on the list too. I have built the Ten Tec 1253 and have fun listening around with it. K4AHO built the WBR and did some mods and it sounded really sweet when he brought it to our Central FL QRP outing last fall.

Sort of fun to do a group build and compare notes/help one another troubleshoot like happens on the QRP-Tech yahoo group.

Kelly K4UPG
Orlando, FL

On 10/16/2013 9:40 PM, Paul Smith wrote:

Is there anyone out there beside me that would like to build a regen receiver ? I know there are a couple kits available. I built the ten tec kit with some success. I am NO good at manhattan work but would like to do a regen kit with a couple bands. Is there any interest or is it me and a couple other guys.
What say you?

de Paul N0NBD

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