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The problem with the regenrx group is that they really try to discourage
building with anything other than tubes or as the Brits like to say, valves.
I have been a member for quite a while and 99% of the posts there relate to
tube regens. Every now and then someone actually gets upset if another user
says something about building a solid state regen.
Jerry W5JH
"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"

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Wow! Lots of interest in regens expressed here. All those posts and no
mention of the Yahoo group dedicated to regens. Siggests that all those
ineterested people do not know about it - yet. There is often a lot of
activity there and people busy with regen construction using both vacuum
tubes and solid state construction.

So here it is:

It's s closed group which holds down the SPAM! Go there and sign up. See you
there. I have and operate a National SW-3, RCA RAK-7 and two other regen
projects under construction here. Regens don't have to be "little toy


Bill KU8H


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