Re: Updated 4x4 Sprint Results

Paul Smith

Thanks for your work Walter 

de Paul N0NBD

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On Oct 18, 2013, at 12:30 AM, Johnny Matlock <jomatlock@...> wrote:


Great Job everybody!

It was fun 
Cu all in the next One!

On Thursday, October 17, 2013, Walter - K5EST wrote:

Updated 4x4 Sprint results:

Stations listed in order of points:

TOP STATION = Randy KB4QQJ = 604 pts

Dave NE5DL  = 596 pts

Kelly K4UPG = 564

Terry WA0ITP = 176

Bill KV6Z   =  176

Bart W0IIT = 148

Joel KB5FCF = 144

Paul  N0NBD = 96

Dave W0CH  =  80

This is the list as I have them. If anyone has corrections, please please send
me the info. We really want this to be a fun Sprint.

I will start emailing an acknowledgement receipt to each received score from now on. That way the entries/results are double checked.

Thanks again to all the super supporters of the 4 State Sprints!!!!!

72....Walter - K5EST

QRP....."more smiles per watt"

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