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Bill Cromwell

On 10/17/2013 04:31 PM, Jerry Haigwood wrote:
The problem with the regenrx group is that they really try to discourage
building with anything other than tubes or as the Brits like to say, valves.
I have been a member for quite a while and 99% of the posts there relate to
tube regens. Every now and then someone actually gets upset if another user
says something about building a solid state regen.
Jerry W5JH
"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"

Hi Jerry,

I think this is a misperception on your part. The misperception may stem form some factual details. Regens are what might be called "retro". Vacuum tubes are what might be called "retro". Hams who are interested in those things are interested in things that are "retro". That interest shows clearly. I hope that is not considered "discouraging". I have not seen anybody discourage another from using solid state designs in regens or associated circuits.

The only cautionary statements have been along the line of not unplugging vacuum tunes and trying to install transistors - especially bipolar transistors - directly into the vacuum tube circuits. FETs work best when abused in that manner and even those need some adjustments. That shouldn't be a surprise if you consider that just changing to a different tube type will probably need some tweaks, and sometimes even for a different tube of the same type. That shouldn't be discouraging at all. After all -

"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"


If you look at the files and photos sections of regenrx (and the overflow in regenrx2) you see a lot of solid state regen projects. Another message in this thread references the Wein Bridge Receiver, aka WBR, and that has been discussed and documented in the files and photos section. By the way, WBR is solid state. So have regen receivers inspired by Kitchen and his solid state designs. More than a few others. A statement that solid state designs are discouraged there seems unfounded. Even if more than half ARE vacuum tube designs. There is just no way around the efficiency advantage transistors have over vacuum tubes. The mere presence of vacuum tube designs should not be discouraging.

Finally, there are some hams who are more comfortable with vacuum tubes and do NOT know what to do with transistors - or are inclined in that direction. Some of them have said so without any bashing or discouraging words about solid state radios. I've been on that list a long time and the members there are enthusiastically supportive of anybody who wants to build, use, experiment with regen receivers. With almost 1500 members there have been remarkably few squabbles and none of those were related to tubes vs transistors. They were petty squawks about personal style and were quickly ended. That happens anywhere there are three or more members. We can count all of those on the fingers of one hand and have some unused fingers - even with almost 1500 members over a number it 10 years now? That is not discouraging in my book.


Bill KU8H

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