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Heard people calling ya but nothing from your station. Thanks just the same.



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Good morning all, apologies for the tardy posting, my boss seems to think I
gotta do his stuff before I get to the important business (4SQRP
Business!!) but here we go:
Early net
N7WM - Wendell - MT - 1097 miles. Welcome Wendell, a first time for you on
the 40m net, good to have you along.
W2SH - Charles - NJ - 1101 Miles
N9RLO - John - IN - 503 Miles
N5AF - Sam - TX - 501 Miles

Late net:
W2SH - Charles - NJ - 1101 Miles
N9RLO - John - IN - 503 Miles
KB4QQJ - Randy - NC - abt 900 Miles
WA4ZOF - Tom - AL - 584 Miles, also a new joiner to the 40m net, welcome
aboard Tom, good to have ya along.

As you may have noted '40 was good at about 500 or 1000 miles last night,
seems to be getting back to it's old selg. here comes the Spring, yea...
Time for /P and antenna work.
Thanks all who made it and to all those who tried and those who were
listening out, thank you.
72/3 es God Bless all de Wayne - KC0PMH

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