Re: 4S Link receivers

Ray Cadmus

I've been doing a little digital work with my 817.  On psk I set for 5 watts but run up the level via audio control to about 2.5w output.  Recently doing some jt65 wit 817 set at 2.5 and volume up so it actually runs 2.5.

So far so good :-)

Hope this helps.


ray    w0pfo


On 02/28/2013 07:27 PM, Jeremy Utley wrote:

I signed up for the first build session - I'm looking forward to building this one - I've been trying to decide what to use for digital modes on my FT-817 when I go camping this summer - this, along with my laptop with FLDigi installed, should work quite nicely.

Speaking of which, how many have experience running digital modes with the 817?  Where do you usually keep your power out?  I know a lot of the 817's have had final transistors go in the past, and would *like* to avoid that!

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