Any 4S-QRP going to the MW convention?


Hi Group,

Thought I would ask if any of the 4S-QRP group is going to the ARRL midwest convention in Lebanon next week?   And is there anything planned, such a 4SQRP  "eye ball"

QSO party over refreshments or a lunch/dinner gathering, Saturday or Saturday night?  

OR If anyone from the group is interested in a quick lunch gathering, there are several quick food places about 2 blocks from the convention center. These include Subway, Dairy Queen, Wendys and McD's.  Also across the street from the convention center (walking distance) is listed a BBQ ribs place that has a couple of good reviews on the Google website.

Anyone interested? Lets talk it up and see if we can get something planned.

We, (Mike NF0N and I) will not be getting into Lebanon until later in the evening Friday but will be found wandering around all day Saturday.   Plans are to leave my place about 10 AM Friday, and  return home on Sunday.. (its about a 7 hour drive for me, and Mike lives 1.5 hours north of me!).

Joe, K0NEB will be wandering around too.. he's leaving for the convention about 4 hours before Mike and I get underway, and he's an hour south of me..

I hope to see you there!  

73 - Arnie KA0NCR

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