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WB5STS/M was 569 in NJ, both during the net and slightly before while in QSO with NV9X, also 569 here.  WA8PGE was 599 plus 5dB here.

QRN levels were high here as a wet weather front approached.  I was hearing Wayne with enough difficulty for me to miss his first acknowledgement of my presence.  After catching his second effort I replied with a flatterying 449 report, and only today's e-mail posting reveals that I was 559 in KS.  Thankfully the oft-experienced SSB QRM only appeared just after we both had signed.

Take heart, for with the forthcoming adieu to daylight saving time all who participate in the 4SQRP nets will enjoy an extra hour of darkness.


Charles, W2SH



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Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 06:32:05 -0500
Subject: [4sqrp] Wednesday evening nets


Well first an aoplogy, I cancelled he late net (e-mailed and announced on QRPSpots) because the noise at my location was unworkable by 20:00 local time. Hopefully things will improve next week so get your wrists nice and supple!
The early net was good albeit sparse. But, its the quality not the quantity that counts. Ofcourse we've had nets that have run right through with no interlude having both quality and quantity! 4 state operators are some of the best it's ever been my privelage to work, take a bow folks, you're not just good, you're the best!
Hutch (Steve - WB5CTS/M) was first out of the bloks last nite with a solid 579 from Fayettevile AR, next up was Fred (WA8PGE - OH) with a terrific sounding 589 signal from his SoftRoc, nice. lets hear some more from you Fred. and last to check-in was Chas (W2SH) from NJ, solid 559 my end and to me that's the barometer of band conditions if Chas and I can work. Things are on the up and up.
Let's do it again next week, thanks all who checked in and to all who tried (and comiserations to Cards fans :) )
72/3 es God Bless de Wayne - KC0PMH
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