Re: CryptoLocker

Timothy-Allen Albertson <kd0oia@...>

any reported issues with this malware on linux or mac OS


On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 9:04 AM, Don AE5K <donj@...> wrote:


In case you store stuff on your computer that is very important to you,
thought you might like to read this information as a caution:

< >

The above article has some useful references at the bottom that might
give you more information too.

It seems quite horrible that a person would stoop so low to rob. And the
best way to avoid being a victim is to keep a backup on REMOVABLE media
(CD-R, DVD, external USB thumb or hard drive, etc.) which if still
writable is attached only during time of backups. Micro$oft in their
wisdom has aided and abetted in this robbery with later versions of Windows.

In addition, don't open email attachments unless you know the writer and
he/she describes the attachment.

Have a (computer) safe day,

Don AE5K

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