Re: CryptoLocker

Timothy-Allen Albertson <kd0oia@...>

it sees this is another reason to go linux


On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 9:50 AM, Phil Anderson <aldenmcduffie@...> wrote:

Yes Don. Good point on the internet security.

How about the outer-net or eldorly-net if you will :

Have any of you noticed an increase in the number of unsolicited "ad type"
calls on your land-line teletphones lately? That includes surveys and your
favorite congressman ....

I think the rate has increased over the last few months. I never thought
no call list helped much.

Thinking about designing a gadget that says "hello, enter my two digit-
pass number" on your phone and then my phone will ring," or something
like that.
If they don't get the number right, my phone never rings so I basically
didn't get the

I don't want to buy a message recording device......

Have a super day, Unc Phil, W0XI

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