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It's the world's most stable frequency counter :o)
I love this radio stuff !

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Love the pseudo digital digital display, waaay cool.
Wayne - KC0PMH

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I would like that label. I am on with my piggy now!  George/W2BPI
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Hee, they are a lot of fun. Being rock bound brings back memories of my novice
days. Man, that was loong time ago.

If you use the Ten Tec TP-19 enclosure, I'll be happy to send you a label with
your call and build date on
it. A picture of mine in the TPC-19 is here,
I do like the charcoal color. The TP-19 dimensions on the Ten Tec web site
differ from the one I purchased. Mine is 2" x 4.75" x 4" and the PigRig fits

Changing freqs,say to go to 7122 for Wayne's nets, will require 4 xtals. Three
for the rcvr front end filter, and 1 for the local oscillator. Diz has crystals
as well as ESS.

I love this radio stuff !

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Shame on you guys. Made me order one too, though it has bounced around in the
back of my mind since hearing Terry on his one day this winter.



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Joe, et al,

Caught the fever and ordered mine yesterday. Hopefully, I will get mine built
and on the air, handing out #11. I have not been active in the club but hope
this little rig will spur me on!!!

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS


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