Spiral (Spider Web) Coils

Phil Anderson

Hi Guys! Ever try out a spider web coil? I've posted the formula
and layout on the formulas-calculator page on my xtal website.

Go to www.midnightscience.com and then to the formulas page.

Enjoy. Unc Phil, W0XI

PS: After all these years I'm back on 2-meter FM! I purchased a
FT-1900RL from Associated Radio in KC....Yeasu had a rebate
going, maybe still. Anyway, I made a goal of contacting at least
ten members of the local DCARC radio club in Lawrence in a week, and
just worked #11 today after one week. It was fun! I worked
KB6WHT, he now lives in Douglas County, and he noted that
he knew he was my eleventh since my call is W0XI, hee.

72, Unc......only 6 months or so to Ozcon! Can't wait!

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