QST, I need some operators on Wednesday to QRV...

GB Hoyt

...the Great American Teach in!
Speaking about ham radio at my kids' school and I want to give a live
demonstration of ham radio.


for details.
also, follow @KG4GVL on twitter, and make suggestions for frequencies
(times are being determined by teachers, and I will have that info later
today/tomorrow) using hashtag #HAMitup

I'll be showcasing some of my home-built radios, including my Rockmite,
NoGA twin tube 80, The Killer Watt radio.
I won't be very QRP for the contact aspect of it, but if time allows, I
will break out the SW-20 for some CW contacts.
otherwise, will be using SSB on the Swan.
Also featuring a shootout between two home built antennas! the 20m EFHW
and one other to be announced ...

GB Hoyt
Lakeland, FL

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