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GB Hoyt

don't forget to talk this up on twitter, facebook, roundtables, whatever other trivial pursuit you may engage in that will get other hams involved.
tomorrow, I'm going to be testing some of my setup, about the same time, 9AM EST, and on the same frequencies. if you want to stop by and say hello, please feel free!
GB Hoyt
Lakeland, FL

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 11:05 PM, GB Hoyt <qrprat77@...> wrote:



TIME: 1400 UTC 20 November 2013 - 1600 UTC 20 November 2013

This is aproximate.

at 9AM Eastern Standard Time, I will begin speaking to the Kindergardeners. I'm not going to spend more than 10-15 minutes actually talking about radio, and the rest of the time I will be doing radio. I'll be on air about 9:10- 9:15 EST (local time) (1410-1415 UTC).

At about 9:45-9:50 local time or so, I will have to QRT to book it over to the other class and get set up. At 10, I'm going to run through my talk again, and should be on air again by 10:10 to 10:15. We will work as many stations as possible.


15m 21.330 USB +- Depending on QRM.

20m 14.330 USB +- Depending on QRM.

I tried searching for nets, and it doesn't look like we'll be interfering on any frequencies with any of the nets, but you never know, so be prepared to move a lil, remember, SEMPER GUMBY.

I will announce via twitter: exactly when I QRV and QSY


1. Let's have fun. Our point with this exercise is to ignite that little spark of curiosity we all had at one point in time when it came to radio.

2. Let's make noise, especially when we call for stations. When we get on the air, I will ask, "Is this frequency in use?" there should be silence. Then I will say, "This is Kilo Golf Four Golf Victor Lima operating Portable from Carleton Palmore Elementary School, are there any radio amateurs who wish to talk to Ms Keller's Kindergarden Class?" BAM, everyone calls at once, Let's wow the kiddos! Then we'll orderly work through the stations we have.

3. Let's be courteous to each other. After the intial noise, I will call for DX first and work no more than 5 stations, then I will call for stateside contacts via area. There's been openings this time of day to the northeast, so I will call 1's, 2's and 3's first if there's a bunch. We will give each other RS reports, our name, and then the answer to a question that the kids will determine during the opening session.

4. Let's take turns. I'll be working from two class rooms, the first session with Kindergardeners, the second with third graders, If there's a lot of people waiting on the air, and you get a chance to work the Kindergardeners, please stand by during the third grader's session. Remember, we'll need everybody's voice at first, we really want to wow them with volume on the intial call, but when we begin working stations I'll ask precendence be given to stations who did not get a chance to work the first class.

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 9:28 PM, K5HDE <K5hde@...> wrote:
Post the operating times and freqs and I'll take a listen.

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