Re: QST, I need some operators on Wednesday to QRV...

GB Hoyt

Well fellas,
I had fun. Didn't make a whole lot of contacts, but I did successfully deploy a 100w capable HF station in less than 20 minutes, did it twice even for good measure.
Everybody got a kick of the Rockmite I had with me, and the guts of my MFJ tuner.
bands seemed strange. Kids got a kick out of hearing the CW on the lower end of 20, the third graders especially thought it was neet, and the kindergarderners thought the W1AW code practice was the bees knees.
tried calling on 21.330 and 14.330, but no joy for the kindergarderners.

got the station tore down and hustled over to the third graders.

passed out QSL cards I've received over the years, and they were impressed. QSLing is important dontcha think? :) Ive got a bunch to send out I know that!
Explained how radio turns one kind of electricity into another, and sends it through the air as I set up the station. set out a call on 14.330 and got KW1DX to come back!
kids were impressed with that. A couple of them got a chance to ask a question. at 11, I had to QRT.
1. it was fun!
2. Kids had fun!
3. Kids liked home built stuff like the rockmite, and the antennas.

1. the modern tech got jealous and quit on me at the wrong time. Fone decided to konk out and the twitter app "updated" and broke behind my back. Jerks.
2. band condx were iffy. but that's ham radio.

Thanks again for helping me out guys!
will have to do again in the future.
GB Hoyt
Lakeland, FL

On 11/19/2013 08:15 AM, GB Hoyt wrote:
If you missed it last night, I've updated my post with operating times and frequencies.
I'll be starting at 9:00 AM EST, see the blog for operating rules.

At about 9am local here today, I will QRV to test things out in the back yard here.
any help is appreciated.
GB Hoyt
Lakeland, FL

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see how things will shake down! :D

On 11/18/2013 09:28 PM, K5HDE wrote:
Post the operating times and freqs and I'll take a listen.

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