Re: More proof QRP works

James Rodenkirch

Well, I don't know how one measures that individual "proof" unless one has some standard or baseline to compare what he/she accomplish.

For instance......the W7 all time high score for a SOSB 80 meter QRP entry was set by N7IR (a formidable contest competitor)  at 7,200 points in 2006 with 68 QSOs, 16 zones and 29 countries.  With 45 multipliers an operator needs 2.3 points per QSO to arrive at 7200 total score!!!

Here are the results of my "attempt" to better N7IR's record:

Station: K9JWV

Class: SOSB/80 QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 7 
Location: USA

Summary:   Compare Scores
Total:651216Total Score2,856

I ended up with a per-QSO point average of 1.57 -  indicating the combination of my antenna system, my rig, my operating prowess and band conditions didn't "work" nearly as well as N7IRs.

a) propagation conditions in 2006 were not the same as in 2013 - sun spots were lower so lower bands enjoyed better conditions, perhaps?
b) N7IR may have had a higher Butt-in-chair (NIC) time period than I
c) N7IR DOES have a more efficient antenna system than I do
d) N7IR has more contest experience than I do

So.........does his system "work"? It "works" mo betta than mine, for certain, if you factor a/b/c/d in.

HOWEVER...I did add 5 new DXCC entities....including D4C so I guess my system "works"  hi hi.

Remember, it's all about measuring and comparing so you can quantify what "works" means!  Niccolò Machiavelli stated it many moons ago through his writings, e.g., The Prince, ---  if you can't measure something, it has no value (I'm paraphrasing some).

72, Jim Rodenkirch K9JWV 

To: 4sqrp@...
From: nv9x@...
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 20:25:30 -0800
Subject: [4sqrp] More proof QRP works


CQ WW CW at 5 watts. 50 individual countries.
 Band    QSOs    Pts  ZN    Cty
     7       20         58    7     17
    14      12         31    9       7
    21      39       104   15    29
    28      29         82   10    20
 Total     100     275   41   73
Score: 31,350
Time: 8 Hours, 23 Minutes
                                  Jim, NV9X #705

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