Topband: The 18th Stew Perry TopBand Challenge

James Rodenkirch

Here ya go!!  This is one contest where QRP ops ARE worth more, in terms of QSO points, than other categories! Annnnd, if you are interested in reading more 
about Top Band, through the "lens" of Top Band communiques, visit the Topband Reflector Archives - and subscribe.

Operating in ANY of the Stew Perry events is, truly, the ultimate expression of your dedication to QRP operations.

If you don't have lots of room for a full size 160 meter dipole or inverted L with lots of radials....check this antenna out:

I put one of those up back in 2010 and had > 100 Qs during the CQ 160 meter contest!

72, Jim Rodenkirch K9JWV

Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 21:21:09 -0800
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 Subject: Topband: The 18th Stew Perry TopBand Challenge

Greetings to all TopBand Operators,
The Boring Amateur Radio Club is happy to announce the 18th running of
the Stew Perry TopBand Challenge. It will be held publicly starting 1500Z 28
December to 1500Z December 29, 2013. This contest will utilize 160M only and
requires the contestants to use CW or Morse Code. You have a bit over a month to learn
the code if you'd like to participate. No semaphore, no SSB, no RTTY, no drones.
Just good old fashioned dits and dahs floating through the cold darkness. 25 WPM is about

The exchange is simply your call and your operating position's grid
square. Signal reports are optional. This contest utilizes your transmit power and distance based
mnemonic to arrive at your score. It is the fairest scored contest in the galaxy as you get
more points for working another station very far away as compared to working somebody close. The
rules live at:

Amazing rules such as receiving 2X points for working a low power station and 4X points for
working a QRP station are found here. So it does pay to turn up the hearing aids and ask just
one more time for that weak whisper of a call that you might have heard. It also helps to send in
your log even if you think it really doesn't amount to much as it helps the overall scoring process.

Another facet developed by The Boring Amateur Radio Club is that all plaques awarded are
dreamed up and sponsored by the radio contestants. If you think a category is important to
emphasize and it could be discussed at a church social, then for the paltry sum of $60 you could
have your call listed below with these Stalwarts of Contesting.

KL7RA Top # of QSOs
KL7RA Top Score,S/O, North America
W2GD Team Top # NA+SA QSOs by EU Station
TF4M Longest QSO- both ends get a plaque-
TF4M Top Score 160M mobile (station has to be able to move)
N0TT Top Score <21 years old with > 200 QSOs
N5IA Most Grids worked
N5IA Top Score Daylight only( use a second call)
KH6LC VL/ZL Challenge- Top Score VK/ZL
K5WA Top Score S/O, Low Power, Americas
K5WA Top Score S/O, Low Power, Europe

If I have omitted anyone, please email me directly and I'll rectify things. If you have a category that
you would like to sponsor, then utilize the address at the bottom of this note.
Start now to obtain the time off from your usual duties. This year the contest is cleverly timed
and just might be the needed tonic to get you through the grueling times typically known as the "Happy

The plaques for last year's Stew Perry TopBand Challenge sponsored by The Boring Amateur Radio
Club, have been finished by the little old plaquemaker and will be sent out this week to the winners.

Further email epistles will be forthcoming as the list of plaque donors grows and the categories that
can be created by the brilliant minds of 160M radio operators will be displayed.

73 and I remain, Lew Sayre W7EW
The Boring Amateur Radio Club Plaque Monger

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