Re: FlyingPig rig/SAVXO

Jim Sheldon

Next to impossible to do.  There are several crystals involved.  One controls the frequency and the other the selectivity.  You wouldn't be able to shift the filter crystal (it's the same as the frequency determining crystal) in sync with the SAVXO and it's doubtful you could make it go up in frequency or down far enough.  As you tuned the VXO, signals would rapidly disappear from the passband of the filter and you'd hear nothing or at best very weak signals that blow by the filter crystal.
Jim - W0EB

> Hi All... Happy Thanksgiving!  Has anyone used the SAVXO with the
> FlyingPig Rig?  It would be nice to have the 10KHz or so variable
> frequency capability on 40 meters.  If you have done it, are there
> any hints or issues to watch for?
> 72....Milan K9HDX

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