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Don Jackson

On 12/03/2013 09:07 AM, Jim Sheldon wrote:

Sorry about that - the email was originally intended for Terry WA0ITP, regarding his article in the latest "Banner" on wall warts for "Motel" power supplies. I forgot to include the URL when I told him about an inexpensive, RF quiet switcher that puts out 13.8-14 volts at 2.5 to 3 amps. It's designed as a replacement supply for ACER and Samsung monitors and Amazon has them for $9.99 plus shipping.
I got one to with my KX3 when I'm close to AC power and it worked so well I picked up another one for a spare. They are spec'd at 14 volts output but both the ones I got measure 13.8 volts which is pretty much the design voltage on just about every QRP rig that runs on a nominal 12 volts anyway. They are over voltage, over current protected and cheap enough that buying one might even be cheaper than a wall wart plus the 7812 regulator if you don't already have such in your "junque box".
Jim - W0EB

Is that 13.8 vdc measurement under load and if so, how much load?

Don AE5K

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