Re: Ur CW signal

Chris Howard w0ep

Is is newly finished? Has it worked correctly in the past?

On 3/1/2013 1:31 PM, wrote:

Flying Pig QRP Rig

In a message dated 3/1/2013 10:51:55 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

What rig are you using?

On 3/1/2013 9:29 AM, <> wrote:
> Oh Oh just got this report!! Any ideas what could cause this? Tnx Geo/W2BPI
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> From: <>
> To: <>
> Sent: 3/1/2013 10:06:21 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
> Subj: Ur CW signal
> Hi George,
> Listening to you on 40 meters this morning in QSO with W8QP.
> I tried to call you first but couldn't figure out which signal was your findamental
> as you are radiating on the whole band 1.2khz apart.
> Thought you might want to know about it before an OO sights in on you.

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