WC7S - 160 test

Dale Putnam

Well.. now.. the 160 test is over... and there still aren't any degrees around here... at least not enough 
to rub together to make it warm... .. so, I picked up my qrp K2 and relocate a coax run.. into the office in the 
warmer part of the house. My shack was 40.. house is 65 at night.. much better for finger talkin.
  So.. after a weak start.. and a bit of fun early on... and crashing ... for a while... then getting up with an urge 
to test new antenna... the results are in..
With over 4 hours in... and 103Q 47 mults.. and a score of 9682... maybe the new antenna is a keeper?

The band seemed ok.. but with QSB and noise a lot like 80... with signals fading within 10 minutes from very loud to
QSP... sometimes rebounding.. sometimes not.  Areas of the country, just not hearing as well as normal? Noise level higher than usual, at least part of the evenings? 

Some of the stations were hearing very very well.. and some of the QRO stations.. couldn't hear much at all... 

Is it just me or did it seem a bit "different".. ?? OR.. is it just the effect of a new antenna here?

Thank you, for your input,

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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