SSS Second Sunday Sprints

Walter - K5EST

> Our last Second Sunday Sprint of this year is coming up
> this Sunday evening. Given the propagation, who knows
> but from 7pm to 9pm we can see what the signals tell
> us. Guessing the 160 and 80 meter bands may be a
> good place to work the Sprint, and maybe even the
> 40 meter band if it has not gone long.
> So......with the QSOs counting for an unveiled prize
> concerning OzarkCon, lets try to collect all the QSO
> contacts possible. 
> Reporting, using the email address on the group website
>  secondsundaysprint@...
> or
> spike55@...
> Put "Sprint" in the email subject.......
> in the body, we need # of QSOs and
> band.
> Please send them into me by Tuesday Dec 10th
> and we shall have current totals on the reflector.
> The totals are turned over to our new Contest
> & Sprint Coordinator....John - AA0VE.
> 72....Walter - K5EST

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