Re: 7122 Morning Net

Kelly E

Bad condx here in Orlando and some bleed over from nearby stations on 7.123 at times but I did hear the two GA stations working you. I didn't have the best antenna to handle the S9+ noise either. I find the EFHW in a vertical / sloper are noisy compared to my jumper dipole. But to save time, kept it simple.

30m sounded great and did not have all the noise that I was dealing with on 40m. and WWV pounded in clearly from CO with S9+ sigs which is a good indicator for my area.

Wx here with a front moving thru was windy, very overcast and 61F. Wore shorts but had to resort to a jacket due to the severe cold. Hi Hi

Maybe can join you one of these days. 

Kelly K4UPG

On 12/12/2013 10:26 AM, WA0ITP wrote:

Wow! Nice turnout - 12 checkins. The band was in good shape and signals were
good. N4NQ in GA was the warmest at 38F. I apologize for the poor code at
times, I'm messing with a homebrew computer interface and thought I had it
mastered, but obviously not. Thanks again. let's do it again next week.
Making it in were:

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