One of my favorite external or "build it in" keyers is the Pico-Keyer Plus from Hamgadgets. <> I have always received great service and support from Dale.


On 12/19/2013 5:42 PM, Phil Anderson wrote:
Hey Youall,

What good keyer models are out there that are reasonable $ value; can be
kit or done,
which allows the op to adjust code speed with a pot, perhaps weight too and
sidetone volume and tone.......

Why? I've found one feature of my digital FT450D that I do not
like.....likely in many
other digital (that is memory and menu....) rigs rather than the old
analog knobs and pots for such things!

It's hard to adjust code speed while in a QSO since the memory and setting
for cw speed and any other cw parms has to be entered in with a number of
key strokes....ugh!!!!!!! Wishing for the ole days....

Unc Phil. By the way, who has that first RX of mine now? T'was 1953, age
It was a Collins RX1?; can't remember the name of the RX rig right now
but its sound was sweet!
It was loaned to me from my Elmer, W0AR, Lee of KCDX and LoudenBoomer
amp fame,

Unc Phil, W0XI, Lawrence (which is near Lebo or Columbus, KS :) )

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