Re: QRPspots Android App

Bill Cromwell

On Fri, 2013-03-01 at 20:47 -0600, Johnny Matlock wrote:

OK, I'll bite and show my modern device ignorance. ;-)

Terry if you see this first you can disregard my direct email.
I'm going to go ahead and embarrass myself. This is basically
a copy of an offlist email I sent Terry.

What the difference in the new QRPSPOTS app and just doing it
direct from my android cell phone? I've been accessing
QRPSPOTS from my android cell phone (Samsung Galaxy II 4g) for
over a year now. While I know a little bit about antennas and
radios, I'm not a computer/cell phone/android person. It is a
cool app and it may be that all android devices can't access
that page like the Galaxy does?
It might be a simple or basic question but I am just
curious to know the difference.

I just did a very quick and simple test post using my cell
direct first and then via the new app and don't see any
operational or speed differences.

Cheerfully awaiting the most obvious and embarrassing answer,


I wondered the same thing when I saw that. I have one of those "smart
alec" phones but I just use my computer. I have used the phone for
accessing web pages... so..

What is the attraction?


Bill KU8H

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