Gotta put in a vote for the EZKeyer myself. It vy easy to use with lots of easy
to use features, and changind speede is as easy asy with a pot I think. Hold
the programming key and tap the dot or dash paddles for up or down in 2 wpm
incrrements, easy peasy. It also is very easy to "paddlize" (izzat a word?).
Sending with it is very very smooth.

There are indeed many good keyers out there, and ours is one of the best imo. I
also have a CMOS II that sits on the shelf.
Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.
I love this radio stuff !

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| On 12/19/2013 17:42, Phil Anderson wrote:
| > Hey Youall,
| >
| > What good keyer models are out there that are reasonable $ value; can be
| > kit or done,
| > which allows the op to adjust code speed with a pot, perhaps weight too and
| > sidetone volume and tone.......
| I personally like the PK-4 keyer chip from Jackson Harbor Press. It's
| the keyer chip which has the exact same pinout as the old Norcal keyer
| chip.
| I have just bought the chips in the past and used parts from my junk box
| to make a complete keyer board, and since the chip is just an 8 pin IC
| you can build it on a board small enough to fit into just about any QRP
| radio. It has the speed setting using the paddles and memory button,
| but you can also hook up a pot to have instant speed control.
| If you don't want to roll your own, complete kits are available.
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